Welcome to this non-commercial website to document prior art in the field of tests, exams, surveys, quizzes and other assessments.

There is a potential danger that companies or individuals file patents which cover something which is not in fact new. These patents might be granted because patent offices are not familiar with past prior art (earlier innovations) that would invalidate the patent. In the world of assessment, where security means that some innovations are not documented, it’s possible that someone might indadvertently file a patent thinking they’ve invented something new when in fact it isn’t new. Once a patent is granted, it is expensive to get it revoked, and so this site aims to help the assessment community by documenting past innovations.

This website is an open and collaborative forum to allow you to contribute assessment-related prior art to document it for the world to see.  See the How to contribute page for details on how you can contribute. The site does not provide legal advice, does not attempt to invalidate or prevent genuine innovations, and is not aimed at any one particular patent or inventor.

John KleemanThe site is run by John Kleeman one of the pioneers of eAssessment and this site is a non-commercial site, independent of any commercial company. The site is intended as a long term home for assessment prior art and has a back-up administrator in place in case something happens to John.

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