Question Mark Guardian (1995)

Questionmark Network Guardian manual cover

Question Mark Guardian (also called Network Guardian) was an add-on companion to Question Mark Designer for Windows which allowed you to control who has access to exams, tests, surveys and quizzes – including:

  • Maintain user records for testing
  • Limit access to particular users
  • Limit access to groups of users
  • Generate unique passwords
  • Provide time-windows for tests
  • Limit number of times for a test
  • Ensure tests are taken in sequence
  • Import user names and passwords

According to contemporary documentation, Question Mark Guardian helps you resolve your security problems. With Guardian you can:

  • Give users or groups of users access to certain question files, and prevent others from accessing the same questions;
  • Prevent people from giving a false name when they answer questions, by assigning a password to each user;
  • Stop users from being able to take a test more than once;
  • Stop people from running a test before it is released or after it has expired;
  • Ensure that users cannot attempt an advanced test without passing a simpler one first;
  • Keep a record of who does what and what their score is, thus preventing unscrupulous users from attempting a test and trying to hide this from you;
  • Assign users to groups within Question Mark Guardian so that you can look at results on a group basis.

Evidence of its release and availability:

Evidence of its functionality:

The first version of Network Guardian was called version 2.1. The user manual was printed in May 1995, ISBN 1 872089 13 5. The user manual has been uploaded to this site with the permission of the copyright holder.

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John Kleeman, May 25, 2012